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How can I learn more about Coronavirus?

Here's the information you really need.

THE GUARDIAN: CDC study recommends double masking to reduce Covid-19 exposure  

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found close-fitting surgical masks worn underneath cloth masks – known as double masking – can significantly enhance protection against Covid-19.

COMIC: A Kids' Guide To Coping With The Pandemic (And A Printable Zine)

You've been living through this pandemic for months, and you might be feeling sad, frustrated or upset. But there are lots of different ways to deal with your worries – and make yourself feel better. Here are some tips and advice to help you through.

MERCURY NEWS: Watch: California Gov. Gavin Newsom provides update on accelerating coronavirus vaccine distribution

Governor Gavin Newsom provides an update on California’s efforts to ramp up COVID-19 vaccinations 

SFIST: SF to Begin Phase 1B of Vaccinations in Two Weeks; Only One CA County Changes to 'Red' Tier

While there seems to be steady improvement both in the COVID hospitalization picture and in case counts both in the Bay Area and statewide, no local county improved its tier status for reopening this week. But SF Mayor London Breed gave an update on the vaccine rollout in the city that was fairly hopeful — with the next phase of eligibility only two weeks away.

CIDRAP: Texas, California see large drop in COVID-19 cases

Texas and California, two of the states hardest hit by COVID-19 since Thanksgiving, have reached new milestones indicating that the spread of infections is slowing.

LA TIMES: California’s outdoor dining ban was controversial. Did it help slow the COVID-19 surge?

Despite heated opposition and vows of resistance from some restaurant owners and elected officials, there is increasing evidence that California’s latest stay-at-home order, including a ban on outdoor dining, worked to turn around a deadly surge of the coronavirus.

CNN: Pandemic restrictions could make for a lighter flu season

The same precautions that protect us against coronavirus also protect against cold, flus and respiratory pathogens.

KION546: Gov. Newsom to attend opening of new lab, discuss increase in COVID-19 testing capacity

Gov. Gavin Newsom attended the opening of a new laboratory that is expected to increase COVID-19 testing capacity in the state, time it takes to get results and create hundreds of new jobs.

LA TIMES: The coronavirus didn’t respect borders. Now El Paso and Juarez face a mounting crisis

This high desert city, a stone’s throw from Mexico speaks to the challenges in reining in the disease while protecting cross-border trade and easing economic hardship.

KION546: Officials warn against pandemic fatigue as California sees uptick in COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 restrictions have been in place since March, and California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly is warning everyone to stay vigilant.

NPR: Clots, Strokes And Rashes. Is COVID-19 A Disease Of The Blood Vessels?

The widespread ravages of COVID-19 have increasingly led researchers to focus on how the novel coronavirus sabotages the body's blood vessels.

KION546: The time is now to develop a testing strategy for asymptomatic Covid-19 cases, CDC director says

Members of the Wisconsin National Guard operate a mobile COVID-19 test center on the grounds of Miller Park on October 29, 2020 in Milwaukee, 

KION546: As the campaign closes, coronavirus remains the main event

Coronavirus dominated what Americans heard, read or saw about this year’s presidential election

Bay Area COVID Cases Decline in Statewide Trend

As other parts of the nation worry about a second wave of coronavirus and what one top health official calls "the silent spread," the Bay Area and the state are seeing a downward trend in cases, likely due to adherence to strict guidelines.

To Tackle Racial Disparities In COVID-19, California Enacts New Metric For Reopening

California has implemented a new health equity requirement on the state's 35 largest counties. In order to advance to the next phase of reopening, counties will need to reduce the levels of the virus in their most vulnerable communities, by meeting test-positivity goals as well as showing investments in resources such as increased testing, contact tracing and education.

Parents of college kids won't stop having 'the talk' about Covid-19 protocol

Lourdes Pelaez-Kingery was recovering from appendix surgery when she got the phone call that parents of college-age kids have come to dread in this time of coronavirus: Her daughter tearfully explained that she had moved out of her dorm at Texas A&M University-San Antonio days earlier after her suitemates threw a party and 14 unmasked friends showed up.

'I Feel Like I Have Dementia': Brain Fog Plagues COVID Survivors

It’s becoming known as COVID brain fog: troubling cognitive symptoms that can include memory loss, confusion, difficulty focusing, dizziness and grasping for everyday words. Increasingly, COVID survivors say brain fog is impairing their ability to work and function normally.

On World Mental Health Day, 9 ways to boost your mental health as the coronavirus pandemic continues

A clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the George Washington University School of Medicine, has created an online community through her Instagram account, where she now shares tips on dealing with coronavirus-specific mental health issues and resources for help.

These Angelenos Need To Get Coronavirus Tested, Officials Warn

More than 100,000 people took to the streets of Los Angeles over the weekend in support of Armenia and to celebrate the Lakers, and if you were among them, you should get tested for the coronavirus, county health officials said Monday.

NBC BAY AREA: How ‘Long Haulers' Are Living With Lingering Effects of COVID-19

Up to 35% of COVID-19 patients are still experiencing symptoms after they’re considered “recovered,” even for some with mild cases. They call themselves long haulers. Their symptoms range from fatigue to joint pain, headaches and heart abnormalities.

NBC BAY AREA: Latinx Positivity Still High as Task Force and UCSF Test City Residents, Essential Workers

Latino Task Force Health Committee Chair Jon Jacobo said Latinx essential workers remain vulnerable because many live in crowded conditions with extended family, and often must choose between a paycheck and their health.

UNIVISION: A California chicken processing plant was shut down after a coronavirus outbreak infected 358 workers and killed 8

A Foster Farms poultry processing plant in California has been forced to temporarily close its doors due to the coronavirus. At least 358 workers have tested positive and eight have died in what health officials say is the "most severe and long-lasting" coronavirus outbreak in Merced County.

UNIVISION: California Gov. Gavin Newsom announces new COVID-19 reopening rules for businesses, schools

Recognizing that the coronavirus will be in California for the foreseeable future, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday unveiled a new color-coded reopening system for counties based on coronavirus prevalence and testing rates.

NPR: 'Our Communities Are In Crisis': Latinos And COVID-19

In Marin County, one of the nation's wealthiest, these line workers who stock the shelves, scrub the hardwood floors, wash the Teslas and care for the gardens and children in Tiburon, Mill Valley and San Rafael are bearing the brunt of the coronavirus.

NBC BAY AREA: New Virus Cases Decline in the US and Experts Credit Masks

The number of Americans newly diagnosed with the coronavirus is falling — a development experts say most likely reflects more mask-wearing.

NBC BAY AREA: WHO: Children Aged 6-to-11 Should Wear Masks at Times, Too

Just as millions of children are heading back to school, the World Health Organization says those aged 6 to 11 should wear masks to help fight the spread of coronavirus.