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How can I learn more about Coronavirus?

Here's the information you really need.

NBC BAY AREA: How ‘Long Haulers' Are Living With Lingering Effects of COVID-19

Up to 35% of COVID-19 patients are still experiencing symptoms after they’re considered “recovered,” even for some with mild cases. They call themselves long haulers. Their symptoms range from fatigue to joint pain, headaches and heart abnormalities.

NBC BAY AREA: Latinx Positivity Still High as Task Force and UCSF Test City Residents, Essential Workers

Latino Task Force Health Committee Chair Jon Jacobo said Latinx essential workers remain vulnerable because many live in crowded conditions with extended family, and often must choose between a paycheck and their health.

UNIVISION: A California chicken processing plant was shut down after a coronavirus outbreak infected 358 workers and killed 8

A Foster Farms poultry processing plant in California has been forced to temporarily close its doors due to the coronavirus. At least 358 workers have tested positive and eight have died in what health officials say is the "most severe and long-lasting" coronavirus outbreak in Merced County.

UNIVISION: California Gov. Gavin Newsom announces new COVID-19 reopening rules for businesses, schools

Recognizing that the coronavirus will be in California for the foreseeable future, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday unveiled a new color-coded reopening system for counties based on coronavirus prevalence and testing rates.

NPR: 'Our Communities Are In Crisis': Latinos And COVID-19

In Marin County, one of the nation's wealthiest, these line workers who stock the shelves, scrub the hardwood floors, wash the Teslas and care for the gardens and children in Tiburon, Mill Valley and San Rafael are bearing the brunt of the coronavirus.

NBC BAY AREA: New Virus Cases Decline in the US and Experts Credit Masks

The number of Americans newly diagnosed with the coronavirus is falling — a development experts say most likely reflects more mask-wearing.

NBC BAY AREA: WHO: Children Aged 6-to-11 Should Wear Masks at Times, Too

Just as millions of children are heading back to school, the World Health Organization says those aged 6 to 11 should wear masks to help fight the spread of coronavirus. 

UNIVISION: California: thousands of farm workers testing positive for covid-19

California's Central Valley is one of the key food-producing regions in the United States. It's also the center of a growing spike in coronavirus infections among Latino farmworkers. Now, fear is rising in the area about a seemingly unchecked pandemic.

UNIVISION: California: coronavirus aid begins for undocumented immigrants

Starting today, undocumented immigrants living in California can apply for a new cash assistance program under Governor Gavin Newsom's coronavirus assistance plan. To discuss this, UNews spoke to Unai Montes-Irueste, he's the communications director at United Way of California.

LA TIMES: Raucous parties, young adults fueling California’s COVID-19 crisis

Health officials have been dismayed at ongoing reports of large parties in the midst of the worst global pandemic in more than a century. Young adults are fueling California’s COVID-19 pandemic, and raucous parties and large social gatherings are threatening to unravel the progress the state is making.

YAHOO: After first being spared, rural California now being ravaged by the coronavirus

California's coronavirus pandemic was once hitting dense urban areas the hardest, now, it's rural, agricultural areas that are among the most severely affected. The risk factors are the same: low-income workers who live in crowded housing and must leave home to work and earn money and who are less likely to speak up to call attention to problematic workplace safety conditions.

CNN: He posted his regrets over attending a party in California. The next day, he died of coronavirus

Thomas Macias went to a barbecue last month in Lake Elsinore, shortly after the party, he started feeling sick. On June 20, he posted a message on Facebook to warn his loved ones about the risks of the virus. He died a day after the post.

CNN: A cluster of coronavirus cases in California was traced to a coughing patient at a birthday party

A "large number" of extended family members and friends were at a party, one patient at the party was coughing and not wearing a face covering and other party guests were also not covering their face or social distancing. Investigators were able to confirm five Covid-19 cases traced to the party, but believe there to be five or six more party guests who may have been infected.

YAHOO: Face Masks Required In Santa Monica, Or City Says Face $100 Fine

If you’re still not convinced that it can save you and others from spreading the coronavirus then the city of Santa Monica hopes that fining you $100 will.